Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Comic Con-Artist

On Halloweekend I ventured over to my first ever Central Canada Comic Con.
I was super nervous because I feel like a poser, having recently began my foray into all things comic/graphic novel/etc. I read Alan Moore's "Watchmen" last summer and it changed my life.

So I worked on an Altair (from Assassins Creed) costume for a month, popped it on and went to the Convention Centre on Saturday the 29th and was blown away.

Here's a collection of photos from my day.

Some Mayflower dancers entertaining between L.A.R.P matches

The sickest Ghostbuster outfit I've ever seen. It had blinky lights!

Male and female counterparts with special guest Master Chief

My friend Dave with his hero

Art by the bowlful

Iron Man with Iron Baby in the stroller

He could actually transform and had working lights. Fun, if you're down to lie face down on the floor.

Master Chief vs. Master Chief

Dad and Baby Master Chief

The shield business is lucrative

Me and Finn from Adventure Time

Minecraft Guy

Assassin assassinating an assassin.
All in all it was a super dooper fun time, I totally nerded out but it was great and inspiring. I recommend anyone going next year if not only for the visual feast.


  1. JEALOUS. love your assassins creed getup

  2. Loved the costume, Court. Also, I would have to say that the pixelated character was pretty wicked.

  3. Cool pictures. Have you read any other graphic novels or comics since The Watchmen? What'd you think of the movie? Best costume you saw at Comic Con?

  4. I didn't know you went to this until right now, some BFF you are.

    I totally would have been the Ezio to your Altair.