Saturday, 11 February 2012

Carlton Mid

So I totally (insert sports reference that amounts to failure here) with the Superbowl Ads, but I'm sure everyone has seen them and thinks they were really great or a giant waste of money. 
Like a bird in summertime, I was on the fence mostly. But moving on...

I've decided that my dream now is to be a copywriter for a company that makes booze. There are many reasons why I think this would be great, the first one being the high probability of free booze.

But coming in shortly after that, I think it would be really challenging to work against the constraints that the MLCC and the CRTC impose on alcohol ads. You basically can't say or do anything in a commercial that is like "Buy our product! You'll enjoy it!" so you've gotta be really creative and go around the bars that bar showing a bar.

Here's a great series of print ads I found from Australia for Carlton Mid. Enjoy.

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