Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympic-Sized Task

This is an ad for Nike, which is a company that we all know has an unlimited budget and unlimited access to every athelete that's ever held a stick, tied a lace, or verbed a third noun.

Call me old-fashioned (please?) but I think they do their best work when they shave all those hairless people off of their pages and go with a really simple concept like the one displayed above.

They made a bold choice of not even including their logo in the print, relying instead on the fact that they're so well known, people will connect the synapses. I personally think the Nike font leaves me in a grey area (50 shades, to be exact) because it's oddly similar to the font that SKYY Vodka uses... Hmmmmmmm.....

Obviously this is not meant to sell vodka if not maybe under the guise of liquid courage.

This ad reminds me of this time I went diving with my friends and a little boy stood atop a 3 meter diving board for LITTERALLY 2 hours. He was up there so long that the lifeguard whisled out 'last call' and it was do or die for the kid. I think he litterally thought he might die. Literally.
Everyone in the pool dutily got out but all the pool people had noticed that this kid had set up camp up there and began to cheer him on. His annoyed father was like ''Time to go Jimmy.'' (or whatever kids are named these days... Skylar?)

And finally after two hours he jumped, kid style, into the pool, and made it out alive. He had had so much fun doing it that he wanted to go again, but alas, the pool was closed. 

The moral of the story: just jump. You won't regret it.

...unless of course, you die.

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