Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Election Interjection

G'day mates.

Before we get to the fun stuff, here's some obligatory fashion stuff for the material girls in all of us:

Très cute, and the shoes?

Super dooper cute.
This prairie gals' name is Kyla Roma, and her too-sweet blog can be found Here
She solidifies my need to get a sleeve tattoo, as it can still look feminine with the right touches.


Winnipeg was abuzz these past few days. I used to think that nothing went on here, now I realize that I just wasn't looking hard enough. Some fun things that you should have checked out, and if you didn't, should keep in mind for next year.

Here are some great pics of the art-vent that I pulled off the Facebook page Here

You probably checked it out. Most people I talked to took in at least one venue. This year marks the second year in a row that I was denied at the door for the WAG... They should call that place Nuit of Pretentious Doormen/Assholes.

But fear not! As the night was not wasted. My friends and I took in the Mad Men Party that went on at the Manitoba Museum.

It was pretty dope, and I wish I woulda taken more pics of the crowd as their outfits were off the chain.

She was particularly compliant.

HOWEVER! It was a dry party. No booze to be found.
Umm.. hello? Has anyone there even watched Mad Men? They pretty much only drink.
So, we moved on to the Jellyfish Party, where DJs spun all night long in an alley way in the Exchange. Super nifty idea, whomever thought of that! Kudos to you!


Last night I partied at NDP Headquarters at the Convention Centre and it was also off the chain. Who'da thunk that politics could be fun? I was there on an assignment, but ended up interviewing several NDP winners, some other journalists (p.s. I'm considering myself to be a journalist now), and also Greg Selinger's super nice Campaign Manager.

I ended up in the front row as he made his beautiful victory speech to the ecstatic crowd.

Here is the video that I took, sorry about all the "woo"ing, but I was caught up in the spirit

At one point he even waved at me! Did I mention that I was in the front row?

Look! We could have high-fived!

Don't believe me? Check the Winnipeg Free Press' slide show of the MB Election Here

See that fashionable girl LiveTweeting in the black and white striped shirt? That's me!

Being there made me want to run for something... anything.

So with that, Coco for President of the Parent-Teacher Committee in 2017!

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  1. That photo from the jellyfish party is fantastic. Wish I could have seen it live!