Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mrs. Dress-Up aka Hallowheee

Here at the Milk Bar, sometimes I go off track. But as Lady Gaga says "Right track blah blah blah."

Basically I'm really excited because Hallowe'en is a-comin' yet again! In my opinion Halloween > Christmas on so many levels... Mostly because I'm Jewish. Just kidding, I just play a jew on T.V.

Moving right along, Hallowe'en is fast approaching and I've already started the construction of my costume. Wanna know what it is?

First, let's take a moment to reflect upon Hallowe'ens of yore, and share together in the "colourful" history that is my love of making costumes. It all started when I was but a wee tot and I accidentally sewed myself to a piece of fabric. You could say I got "hooked" (pardon the pun). These days I'll usually make 2 decently elaborate costumes. 

Like last year when I was a Human Centi-Pad (from T.V.'s South Park)

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Classic. This same year I was also Ezio from Assassin's Creed. Here I am killing another Ezio who dared try and assassinate me at Comic Con.

Here's me as an Avatar. Too much fun until someone burnt down my hometree.

This is when I was just Joanne Mcleod. Hal Johnson ditched at the last minute. Awkward!

Here's me as Waldo from a b-day party. 

And as a zombie doctor. Zombies need to be financially secure too. 

And as Fiona from Shrek. 

And as Freddie Mercury. 

And as Lindsay Lohan.

And as a Ghostbuster.

My go-to weekend outfit is usually a sailor. Here are some seamen by a toilet.

No idea what we were supposed to be here.

As Alexander DeLarge. He is an inspiration for life and for my blog.

There is but a snippet of some of the kooky characters I've decided to emulate at some point. Needless to say I love this and I'm so so so excited to officially announce on this blog right here that this Hallowe'en I'll be dressing up as Loki from The Avengers/Thor. 

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I just think he's so cool and brooding for a villain. I've already started building his awesome helmet out of some wire and paper mache, stay tuned for pictures of the finished version.


  1. I'm so excited, but be careful, he has a huge fan following so you might be Winnipeg's R Patz in the future and have to run from hoardes of girls