Monday, 22 October 2012

Runway Walk

Check this hella sweet promo for Mexico's Next Top Model. The song is enough to make it killa but the chick puts the badassery over the top.

(FYI - the song is called Runway Walk by Xzibit. What a great track for walking down the street in a pair of heels to make you feel like the boss applesauce.)

The caption at the end says "A model is nothing without attitude. Mexico's Next Top Model, Being pretty is not enough." 

There's a couple other sick spots for this show that I found on YouTube like this one:

If the show was half as good as these ads are I would still be watching it. But I have to admit, I watched like the first 17 seasons of America's Next Top Model religiously
Tyra 4 ever, smize for your life.

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