Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Update to End All Updates

Wow, have I been gone a while.

A literal TON of things have been happening to me lately, stealing me away from my precious Milk Bar. 

To name a few:

1) I graduated from a five-year school program and got two shiny pieces of paper
2) I moved to Montreal to pursue my medium-sized city dreams
3) I won a big contest/monetary award. More info here
4) I got to see BEYONCE!!! We were legit like 4 rows away from her, and it was that concert where she got her hair stuck in the fan. Unbe-weave-able!
5) I went to Europe for a month and basically went everywhere in the west and centre and it was fabulous
6) My mom came to visit me in Montreal, which was just super

But now I am at a crossroads. Basically I need a job yesterday. 
I'm calling out to you readers (reader?).

Playse help.
Looking for work in the Communications/Advertising industry (everyone: "duh") in Montreal.
I will work for almost nothing, but a girl's gotta eat. 
And I eat a lot. Like, Jabba the Hutt levels. 

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