Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Profile Party

I know that there are thousands, perhaps millions of you out there that are wondering.. "who exactly is this girl?" 

Well, you need not spend more nights losing sleep over this burning question, as I will now answer it for you. Hooray!

My name is Courtney "Coco" Brecht, and I'm currently entering into my first year of Creative Communications at Red River College after recently completing three years at The University of Winnipeg. I majored in rhetoric, which defines as "the study of the effective use of language."

I entered university with the idea to acquire a B.A. in Psychology (HA!), but I changed my mind and graduated with a new found respect for the creativity that words offer. I consider a well-written inter-office memo to be akin to a piece of art, as it requires a calculating eye and a sharp focus on selection and omission. Rhetoric also takes a refined reader to fully appreciate the final product. I also like grammar.

Pictured: Grammar Fan

If you would like to receive hilarious 140-character insights on an irregular basis, you can follow me on Twitter @coco__moloko. Keep in mind there are 2 underscores in there, as it is a pretty run-of-the-mill handle.

Here are some other things I like:
-Completing "Best Of" lists that websites put together; for example, watching these:
-Riding my bike

Enough of that. I hope that you're still awake after this masterful piece of prose. I promise that fashion will appear on this blog at some point, perhaps much sooner then you think.
Or perhaps much, much longer.

What kind of things do you like, internets?