Thursday, 15 September 2011

Twits and a DDP (they're not what they sound like)

G'day Lads and Lasses,
Today fashion will be taking a backburner (again), and I'm going to talk a little bit about my foray into the deep dark depths of the Twitterverse. I'm still getting my e-social kicks from Myspace (jk! lol) but seriously though, I've yet to grasp the concept behind Twitter's existence. Also, I'm having a tough time determining what exactly necessitates a Tweet, so if anyone has some input that would be much appreciated. Despite this,I've (somehow) managed to squeak one or two Tweats?... Twits?... Tweets? 

Also I'm having a hard time deciphering what people are saying most of the time.
 And for this reason I've decided to stick with an overarching theme on my.. feed? Am I wording that right? Twitter theme? #theme?

What theme and where did it come from you ask? Well, after schooling and working downtown for the last few years, I've learned to strongly dislike it. It's grey and it smells like feces most of the time, and so I always look forward to the end of the day when I can go back to the suburbs where there's trees and privacy and very few hobos. 

A long time ago, when Green Day and Blink 182 reigned, living in the 'burbs was the source of supreme teenage angst for me.
But now I love it, and I get scared when I leave, just like an old lady. So long story short, I've taken to tweeting the suburban problems that I face on a day to day basis under the hashtag.. wait for it... #suburbanproblems.

Follow me on twitter at coco__moloko to get irregular gems on the irregular.

SO! Now that that's covered, I have to blog about what I did the other night. It was a little somethin' somethin' called the Decentralized Dance Party (or DDP for short). The concept is genius, basically it's a cool way to get your dance on, and then pack up and move the party elsewhere, taking the club with you wherever you go.

I recommend you check out the website here to get a better idea of how it works, but the cool thing is that the music is made possible by the contribution of the dancers. Tunes are pumped (somehow) through a close circuit radio station, and every group who attends is entrusted to bring their own boom box, which is set to that specific radio frequency, and thus a party is made possible. Here is a crude rendering of the science behind it all:

This is what it looked like! + about 100 more people that I couldn't fit in the shot, crazy!
The theme of this particular DDP was "suits", which actually happens to relate in a teensy tiny way to my blog (horray!) People got super creative with their attire. Many glued lights along their lapels, or wore some sort of halloween costume + suit combo. A few dancers even found a way to merge a briefcase with a boombox, making an unholy bastard version of the two. But the vast majority just wore suits and partied down like teenage versions of 1930's gangsters or 1970's business ladies.

Here's some footage from the Dance (Dance) Revolution:

I strongly recommend checking it out if you missed it this year. One banana/businesswomen who works with the organization said they get the best turn out when they come by the 'Peg. Keep an eye out on your Facebook events to see when the next one will sprout up, or "like" them right here to get all the updates.

Until then, stay classy Winnipeg! 

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