Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tall Order

Hello apathetic youth!

A colleague of mine recently asked me a question that plays on the minds of basketball players and non-basketball-playing tall people everywhere. He writes:

 What is a fashionable place to shop for elongated gentlemen such as myself? Value Village is a fine haunt but pants and anything with long sleeves are often too short in their respective limbs.

So! What to do with those unsightly wrists and ankles?

Well colleague, since I am neither a guy nor a tall person, I've crafted the perfect solution for you after minutes of careful deliberation.

All you have to do is take some fabric from anything that you have lying around the house and sew, glue or tape it to the missing chunk.

Confused? You shouldn't be! But I've created some visuals for you just in case:

Make it exactly like this.
 But why stop there?

Have some old towels lying around?

Or an old bed sheet you're no longer using?

Classy and casual!
 But why stop at these ridiculous lengths?

Let's go further.


....Hope this helps.


  1. Being a person of short stature - I'll start saving all the lengths of fabric I cut off from my pants and give them to you for yours.

  2. I'm going to sew fake beards to the bottom of my pants now