Thursday, 1 November 2012

Get your Comic-On

The loosely-tied advertisement-judgement theme that goes on here at the Milk Bar is getting even looser. ( your mom!)

Today I want to talk about this upcoming weekend that I'm haphazardly getting all nice and loose for. 

Despite my previous blog post about how much I love to dress up for Halloween, this year was kind of a write-off. I didn't realize that Halloweekend was last weekend and so I threw together a costume in about a half hour total and winded up as the fall-back staple, Carrie.


BUT this weekend is going to blow last weekend out of the pig's blood, because this weekend is both the Central Canada Comic Convention (I blogged about the 2011 one last year), as well as the first time ever that I'll be doing stand-up comedy at Rumor's Comedy Club.

T'is the weekend of comics in both senses of the word. 

I've been paper machéing like a 5 year old all day, trying to get my Loki helmet all ready to go for Saturday, and I'll guarantee blog about the kooky characters that I run into at Central Canada's biggest comic convention. C4's special guest this year is Golden Globe nominee Patrick Stewart, who you may recognize from Star Trek, the X-men movies, or his lesser known role as Bill Stuart in Gnomeo & Juliet 3D.

Then on Sunday night at 8 p.m. I'll be hitting up WInnipeg's biggest (and only) comedy club to test my chops as another kind of comic. Just think, I'll be peeing my pants where Brent Butt and Louie Anderson once delivered their sub-par material! I once jumped out of a plane but this is going to be much much scarier. Scarier than The Ring, and that movie was hella creepy. 

If you live in Winnipeg I suggest you go to one or both of these things. Comic Con is about $15 for the day, which is really cheap for a chance to look at a conglomeration of nerds, and Rumor's is only $10, which is the price of a sandwich nowadays!

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