Friday, 22 February 2013

Grey Poupon - An Explosive Revenge Tale

The second greatest day for commercial advertisers draws near - the Oscars. It attracts a whole different viewership than the Super Bowl, but the adspace is still ridiculously expensive, at 1.7 million per 30 seconds.

"But what does this have to do with mustard!?" said No One.

Well, it looks like a commercial is going to finish what it started 30 years ago.
Here's the 1981 version of the Grey Poupon commercial:

Super boring but very 80's, right?
Well here's the Trailer(!!!) for the 2013 version:

Since when do commercials have trailers? Since they started making them as epic as this one. It looks like a James Bond movie. Apparently the full version is going to be 2 minutes long, and if my basic maths are correct, it's going to cost them 6.8 million dollars to air! And that's not counting the production value.

This Grey Poupon-aganza leaves me with many questions, namely, where is Grey Poupon getting like 10 million dollars from? Did they not air a commercial since the 1981 version? Are commercials going to be the next movies? Are movies going to be the next commercials? Is grey poupon a brand or a flavour of mustard? It really makes sense that they would air this whopper during the day-long programming of the Oscars for it's Skyfall-esqueness. 

He he he... "poupon".

There's a countdown to the full commercial on their website, which is also a convenient countdown to the Oscars, in case you forgot that they're this Sunday.

Go Zero Dark Thrity! Who do you want to see take home a little golden man?

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