Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sweet Super Brown Commercials

Last weekend was the Super Bowl, where guys ran into each other and Beyonce made weird faces with her backup dancers, Destiny's Child. 

It's also the Mecca of commercials. The Super Bowl is basically the only time you can be guaranteed huge viewership now that M.A.S.H is cancelled. Companies spend millions both to get a spot and on production, and they turn out some gems like:

This one

Or one with a horse that's guaranteed tears
The tears flow like a river.

Yeah, you get the point, you have YouTubes.

Be here at the Milk Bar we like to (milk) shake things up a bit (not really). I figured instead of giving you a list of all these commercials, I'd like to congratulate a special someone on her commercial debut.

I'm talking about cold-pop loving, no-time-having, bronchitis-suffering Sweet Brown.

Here she is appearing in a commercial about selling homes with the whitest lady ever. Also, the quality makes it look like it was filmed in the 80's, but it wasn't unless Sweet Brown is a time traveller. 

And one about her getting a toothache. Wonder if this place paid her in gold teeth?

You go, Sweet Brown! Make dat money.

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