Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bad Ad: The Canadian Tire Guy

We all know him, we all hate him. He is... The Canadian Tire Guy.

He is played by Canadian actor Ted Simonett, but details, photos, and available videos of the old commercials are almost impossible to find on the whole internet.

I checked everywhere.

Basically this dude was the bane of my existence for the 8 YEARS that he was the Canadian Tire spokesperson. It seems like all the money they saved on paying this terrible actor was spent to ensure that his commercials ran practically 24/7.

He is coined "the Ned Flanders" of commercials, always popping up at his neighbour's houses with the perfect tool for their really specific-tool-needing situation. He was ugly and chipper, two qualities I hate in an unattractive old man, but yet he continues popping up at his neighbours, and on our televisions incessantly.

I did a longer search than I usually would to try and track down even ONE of this endless list of crappy commercials, but I guess Canadian Tire was embarassed about them and pulled them all from the internet somehow. They finally figured out that no one wanted to see them.

Macleans posted a delightfully mean article about him, delightfully called "What a tool" back in 2005.

In case you're unsure about what I'm talking about (comeon... you're not), here's a clip of the neighbour we love to hate aka the Canadian Ned Flanders from the Rick Mercer Report.

Screw that guy.


  1. Another gem by Coco Moloko. Keep em coming.

    1. Another wonderful comment by JoCo. You're the real star.

  2. Oh man I never thought I'd find someone who hates Canadian Tire ads as much as I do. CT can't even make choppers look cool:

    They're trying to sell a bike by making a kid look bored as all hell. What the christ, guys?

    1. I've never seen a child more upset to be riding a bike.