Monday, 17 September 2012

The LG GX200 - More Battery, More Talk

This next series of ads is for the LG GX200, which I'm assuming is some kind of non-Iphone phone. This campaign won Gold in the 2011 Clios, probably taking on the spin that it surpasses the Iphone in battery life, which lasts about as long as it takes to read this post.

 I like the visuals in this campaign, but all the "books" pictured seem to be for conversations that you don't want to be having for a really long time. I get that they imply that the battery will last forever, but there's nothing more painful than having a one-sided, super long conversation with, say, an old person. 

I remember once this summer I was taking a bus from Toronto to Montreal and there was this little Snooki on the back of the bus that talked in her outside voice for 2 hours straight about her life and all of her problems. It was horrible, everyone on the bus was looking at each other and doing the exasperated face, but nobody said anything.

When the ride was over, we felt like we had endured some sort of traumatic bonding experience from living through this horrible woman who made our bus ride just that much shittyer. 

Basically I remember praying the whole way for her phone battery to die, as it was my only means of salvation, but alas, it never did. I guess in a way that whole thing was good for her, and terrible for everyone else.

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  1. I've always been an advocate for no talking on your cellular while riding the bus, I guess that girl hasn't heard my rant before. Excellent post.