Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Good Ad (Obvously): Star Wars Identities

This is a wonderful ad campaign that I saw during my internship in Montreal this summer (it's also running in Edmonton). They clearly had a decently large budget for this exhibit, with billboards, bus and subway ads all over town.

 These beautiful works of art (yeah, I said works of art!) allude to the different pieces that shape the timeless, beloved characters that George Lucas brought to life in his first three-and-a-half movies.. and then totally didn't give a shit about in the last two-and-a-half. 

Many people have come to very strongly identify with the characters of the film, even going so far as to adopt Jedi as their religion. I think there are very prominent messages that can be learned from watching these movies. That being said, I don't know who would ever choose to identify as C3PO. Where's R2 in all of this? Or Chewie? 

The Queen Amidala design was definitely the most prominent one around town, and it's arguably the most eye-catching.

Me being the idiot that I am, didn't save enough time to go and check it out, but to be fair it was mostly sold out when I had the time to go.

If these stunning photos weren't enough candy for your hungry, jaded eyes, take a look at the teaser for the commercials that ran before the exhibition opened, it's equally amazing.


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