Saturday, 26 January 2013

Bad Ad: Internet Explorer

I'm not feeling this new commercial for Internet Explorer. They're pandering to people that grew up in the 90's, which I guess is their target audience. 

The copy is good, but it's waaaayyyyyy too soon to be nostalgic about the 90's. Plus in comparison to all other eras it was probably the lamest one, except for the terrible Saved By the Bell fashions that the COOL KIDS wore. 

It has almost 4 million views on YouTube, but interestingly they've disabled the comment section on this one, which is strange for commercials on YouTube. 

What do you think of it, children of the 90's?


  1. I just shared that video with my boyfriend and we agreed it had good copy, but the music was really cheesy. Anywho, here's another AD they did that we liked much better (thought I'd share in case you didn't see it yet):

  2. That one's awesome, some great PR in there too!