Monday, 4 March 2013

Biceps not Bones

When you read a fashion magazine, there's page after page of pretty, generic girls looking bored. 

Her face says "I'd rather be sleeping". I feel 10x bored-er just looking at her.

And when you look at a fitness magazine, you see girls that look like Jelena Abbou. 

BUT what happens when worlds collide and Jelena poses for a fashion editorial?


She's (FITtingly) the new face of MAC's "strength" campaign. Good for her, ladies and gentlemen! This image would really catch your eye in the pages of Vogue. MAC has been known to take risks with their campaigns, pairing up with faces like Debbie Harry

Pamela Anderson in the past-her-prime years. 

And (a personal her of mine) Missy Elliott.

Ugh. Love her.

Keep taking risks MAC! At 20$ per eye-shadow, you can afford it.

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