Thursday, 28 March 2013

(Fake) Nike Ads for 2013

These are some great new (fake) Nike ads featuring sports greats like Lance Armstrong, Michael Vick, OJ Simpson and Oscar Pistorius.

They point out the high value that our society places on sports legends, and we tend to collectively forgive their many transgressions because of the many contributions(?) they give to us. 

I think it's high time we start lessening up the huge value of sport that we celebrate in North America. In Ancient Greece athletes were unpaid amateurs, and played only for pride, glory and possibly bragging rights.

Being the best of anything in the world probably comes with a lot of pressure, and there are people all over the world that commit crimes like these, but don't get such worldwide attention. The problem comes in when other athletes of all ages look up to these personalities as role models. If you are great at playing football and you see that OJ can get away with murder because he's great at football, what stops you from doing the same?

Obviously not all football players are murderers, but at least one of them (probably) is. I mean, he wrote a book called If I Did It. Come on.

Nike pays athletes a lot of money to use athletes as examples, and some of those athletes are even featured in this list. Some are not, like Tiger Woods

Many sports involve the player getting a ball in a hole by one means or another, why do we make them out to be way more than that?

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