Sunday, 31 March 2013

Selfless Portrait

Selfless Portraits is a web app thing where you're matched up with a stranger from anywhere in the world. You draw their Facebook profile pic and you're given another stranger to draw yours. It's so easy!

The final results can range from the super good...

To the super bad..ish?

I participated in Selfess Portraits and got this 19 year old girl from Brazil with an overexposed, bad-angled snap.
Kind of half-assed my contribution to her but ain't nobody got time for dat.

She looks like the kind of girl that would be into Andy Warhol...

After waiting for like a month I finally got mine back. Derek from Illinois really captured my spirit and chin.

It's probably the best I've ever looked.

I highly recommend checking out the website or participating if you've got the time. Derek proved to us all that you really don't need to spend very long on your final result.

Hope yours turns out better than mine.

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