Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Bad Ad: Diet Coke

I've never been a fan of Coke ads, really. Most of them are pretty forgettable, focused around a family or friend tableau. Every once in a while, however, they'll throw some really awesome, genuine commercials; but I find that inspiration strikes at random intervals.

In contrast to the M by Molson commercial I featured last post, Diet Coke put one out in a similar vein, but I think the execution was poor and lazy.

The ad, like the Molson commercial, features artists doing what they do. The idea behind Coke's version is: if you're an artist and you hit an inspirational wall, have a sip of Diet Coke and it will shine down upon you like an epiphany. Also, it will help you if you're a maternity nurse? And be social if you're famous?

Not sure exactly who they were pandering to here, it seems pretty all over the place. This ad just infuriates me every time it comes on because it's on every station at every commercial break. How much money did Coke piss away this time?

Without further adieu, I present to you, the mess:


  1. You forgot to point out that any ad that uses "Sweet Disposition" is automatically good.

    I forgive you though.