Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cho: My Hero

If you hang out with me for a semi-extended period of time, it's likely that I've made you watch some of Margaret Cho's stand up. The best DVD, in my opinion, is undoubtedly
Notorious C.H.O.

She speaks the truth and the truth is hella funny. 

I also read up on her biography a while back, and most of what she jokes about actually comes from experiences she's had in her life. Basically I worship everything she's ever done and aspire to be like her in every way (including by turning myself Asian somehow). 

She often jokes about her struggles with weight and body image, and after many years of self-depreciation, she has turned her message into one of self-acceptance. 

I happen to follow her on Twitter, and the other day she posted a strange message:

Weird, right? So I replied to her with a Tweet expressing my love and admiration. Alas, she has yet to Tweet back, but I'm sure she was mighty busy.

Turns out the reasoning behind this stemmed from a photo that she has posted on her Twitter of a new tattoo which happened to be placed on her butt cheek.

What a gorgeous piece of work! And I'm not just talking about the ink. *wink*
Turns out some a-hole guys left some negative comments about her body and she lost it. She wrote a beautiful piece of writing that was posted to Jezebel earlier today in response. 
You can check it out Here, it's worth the read.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook have removed about 1000 steps that separate us "normals" from our celebrity heroes. Unfortunately, it has also removed the separation between "normals" and the people who hate for the sake of hating. 

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