Friday, 13 January 2012

Shit _______ Say

The new viral craze that is sweeping the inter-nation (copywriting that!), which I'm sure most people with eyes have seen by now is Shit ______ Say.

It started out with Shit Girls Say:

So true right!? It was followed up swiftly with Shit Girls say pt 2:

And from there has spun off in all kinds of crazy racist directions, for example...

(apparently girls are really bad with computers)

Shit Spanish Girls Say:

There are even some with subtle corporate sponsorships:

Did you see the LuluLemon logo sneaking in there? That particular viral video has been seen by over 1 million people already, and it was posted only 13 days ago. There are a few instances of businesses that have lucked into a viral vid, but this one was customized to sneakily jump onto the bandwagon. Smart, or scary!?

I personally think viral vids are still a pure form of communication by the masses. There's just something that makes me feel human when I watch a cat video or something to do with a flash mob. Maybe commercials will just end up being competing viral vids in a few years. The term "viral" comes from the word virus, which "is a small infectious agent that can replicate only inside the living cells of organisms". In essence, humans!

Some corporations are using viral vids to do good instead of evil. Like this one:

Or this one, made out of a real video compilation:

That shit really makes you think, doesn't it...


  1. I really hope I don't look like that when I eat chips haha

  2. I know for a fact I definitely 100% look like that when I eat chips